About Us


Juno Noack is the lead guitarist of "The Mellows".
His guitar playing is influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and old blues musicians like Muddy Waters.

After taking a few guitar lessons back in 2003 he mostly self-explored the six-stringed woods.

He plays thick tunes and hot solos on his Les Paul or Fender Thinline Telecaster.



Chris is the Drummer of "The Mellows". His powerful jazzy blues-rock drumming spices The Mellows' rhythmic section.

His Drumming is influenced by Ginger Baker.

From time to time he gets his old blues-harp out and belts out the finest of tunes.



Julius is the lead singer of "The Mellows".

He joined Juno & Chris in 2009 & transformed their idea of being a Blues-Duo into creating Psychedelic Blues tunes. 

His voice resembles good ole Morrisons but has its own modern twist.

He Plays a 59' Danelectro with heaps of wah, tremolo and reverb to it to create a distinctive sound and lately takes some bass parts.



'Lucifer Sam' is the latest joined member to the group since 2014, often playing a Jaguar Surf- or Fuzz-Guitar and most Bass-Parts as well as some organ-riffs, drum-fragments and the Sitar.

He adds a certain wildness in playing and vocal parts to the Mellows' complex and transcendental psychedelic musical structures.

He since contributes ideas to the songs and co-writes new lyrics.