The Mellows are working on their new album from now deep into the snowy sentiment of winter. It'll be released somewhen in early 2017. So be well prepared and check the release dates out, for there will be a spectacular party, when the first heralds of next spring trumpet the blithe message into our world!

Sincerely yours, the Mellows

Our upcoming Shows in Summer 2015:


18.07 Garage Pankow w/ Lasa Copilu and more 19h


See you there, guys and girls!

Posted on 07th of April 2013:

The Musicvideo release date is delayed until some weeks.

Posted on 24th of March 2013:

In two weeks you can see our first musicvideo!!! Rockn Roll!!

Posted on 12th of March 2013:

First Video to "Aphrodite" ... release next Month in April! 

New Pictures comming soon! 

Posted on 12th of March 2013:

We need money to release our first Album, so we play now everywhere we can ;) 

Posted on 29th of september 2012:


Next week we start recordings for our first album!! 

Posted on 11th of july 2012:


Nice Show at the Astra Kulturhaus, it was so fucking awesome!!!
And now, lets work on our first Album!


Rock on!

Posted on 20th of March 2012:

Working on recordings..


Posted on 13th of March 2012:


Hey Guys! Next Session on 25th of March at the Dunker Club!

Rockn Roll!

Posted on 09th of january 2012:


Happy New Jear! This jear will be full of rockn roll and psychedelic rock.

Enjoy our next session in the club "lido"

Cuvrystrasse 7, 10997 Berlin, Germany!!

Posted on 14th of november:


Hey we hope you enjoy our gig at the Arcanoa. It was great. Thanks for comming.


It was our last gig for this year. We rework our songs with Marcus, our new member.

Next year, we will rock the city !

PS. On 29. of December, you can listen to us at Radio "Alex" at 1 o clock p.m.

Posted on 11th of october:

Nice show at the Biketoberfest!

Next Show at the restaurant "Oberspree" 12439 Berlin

Rock on!!

Posted on 07th of September:


We have now a new member! Marcus our new Bassplayer!

Rockn Roll! See you at the Biketoberfes!

Posted on 25th of june:


It was a great show last night in "Haus der Jugend"! New Recordings and Tapes!
Thanks for comming, have a nice weekend!

Rock on!

Posted on 24th of june:


Today we gonna rock at Seelenbinderstr. 54, 7 o´clock p.m.!

Rockn Roll All Day And All Of The Night!


Posted on 31th of may:


Our new song is influenced by "The Yardbirds". You can hear it on 24th of June in Seelenbinderstr. 54. at 7 o`clock p.m. !!


For more infos look "on tour with the mellows"!!



Hey Friends

see you on 6th of May in M24 Jugendclub!


Adress:  M24 - Mühlenstrße 24

Eintritt 3€

Beginn: 20:00

Ende: 23:00



- The Mellows
- Mrs. Winterbottom
- einem geheimen !!ÜBERRASCHUNGSGAST!!


Have a nice week

The Mellows

Hey Guys, see you on 22th of April in Arcanoa!



Am Tempelhofer Berg 8,
Berlin, Berlin 10965 GERMANY


On Stage, Heavy Temptation and The Mellows unplugged!


Rock on!

The Mellows + Brüh Brothers In Flames + The Wake Woods Live!!


Freitag, 15. April um 20:00 - 16. April um 02:00
Jugendfunkhaus Berlin, Sewanstraße 43a, 10319 Berlin
Live on  !!!!!
See you! :-)